“my body when i write”

“my body when i write”

running backwards
heels levitating
spine erect
i bounce against the concrete
gripping on
my elbows
they are raised
over my head
my fingers intertwine
my cheeks inflate
eyes wide open
fierce almond shapes
glaring at the world
in reverse
my teeth exposed
i feel myself
fall and fly
at the very same

13 thoughts on ““my body when i write”

  1. Loved this poetry! I would suggest you to hear Racionais, if you like rap. They are big big big writers (and poets) about racism in Brazil, and the way they overcame manyyyyy obstacles to succeed in my country (unapologetic speaking 😉 . As the lyrics are in Portuguese, you may understand most of it. It may keep you inspired and make you even stronger. Tks for sharing your texts. Alllll the best!


  2. Hi Tiffany. I am Hispanic. When I enrolled to a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration at the University of San Francisco, USF, I was told that I needed to pass English 1A, Reading and Composition. They told me I could take it at any college while I was enrolled in the Public Administration course. The USF gave me one year to complete the English 1A requirement. So I went to a nearby Community College and registered for it during evening classes. From the start the substitute teacher, who had a Bachelor’s in Psychology began doubting that I was not writing my papers because my heavy accent and my appearance. She would interject comments in the middle of her class to let us know that she knew that students could pay to have their papers written by others, something like hiring a ghostwriter. I did not pay any serious attention to her because all I wanted was to pass the class and continue my bachelor’s program at the USF. I did not care if I got an A, B or C. All my papers were passing the grade but they made up only 40 percent of the grading required to pass the class. Tests comprised 60 percent of the required grading. For the tests, she began using subjects that were not in the text book and that she knew I would not know about because I came to America as an adult student. Just an example here: Detail aspects of sport culture in Northeastern states. To make the story short, I quit the class and had to register in another college during Summer classes. I passed the course in this second college and submitted my Transcripts to the University of San Francisco. I have now a Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Palo Alto in California; please note this is an A.P. A. accredited university (not an unaccredited one.) Like you, sometimes I am talked to in a slow manner because the person in front of me assumes that I will not understand English. But I admit, this is not too frequent. In California diversity rules. Sometimes in restaurants I hear four languages being spoken. As a Psychologist, I have learned to use that to my advantage. In front of those few people who speak to me in a condescending manner I feel like a professional poker player sitting at a table where people immediately assume that I hardly know the game. I greatly enjoy observing how their infatuations blind their judgements; it amuses me big time. Once in a while, just for fun, I answer with “college words” as those people called them. When I do that they ask me to repeat what I said; either to make sure that I am capable of saying those “college words” or to hide their ignorance of the meaning of those words. I now read and write in three languages. Did I mention that I passed, in the first try, all tests required in California to obtain my Credentials as a Teacher for Multiple Subjects?

    One thing I did not do when taking English with that teacher was to confront her. Her attitude was threatening to me at that time. I should have asked her why she felt that I had money to pay ghostwriters. She was not discussing the quality of my writing she was doubting that I could write that well. I also hid the fact that unlike my classmates I was already enrolled at the USF pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

    Have your paper reviewed by an independent professor and/or ask the Dean to have you sit in a room alone to write an essay on the same subject to prove your worth. Learn to love knowledge per se. What I have learned in life is enough to give me peace and completion. I do not need the company of others because the depth of my knowledge is all the good company I need. What is waiting for you, if you continue your studies, is much greater that this simple bump on the road.

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  3. Get over yourself. This isn’t racism. You are the racist trying to divide people, because you felt slighted. You are a vile disgusting creature.


    1. A person’s opinion would be valued more if it didn’t also include a RIDICULOUS and childish insult such as yours, Ridiculous. (hehe, see what I did there?)
      I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you add hurtful, rude, and insensitive words, then your “opinion” becomes much less valuable. Be classier. But then again, what else can we expect from someone who calls him/herself “Ridiculous”?


  4. Your whining what’s next going to file a civil law suit? Get real and if your not guilty of copy the work live with it and write even a better piece next time!!


    1. I cannot even begin to explain to this man how his comment is a perfect example of ignorance at its best…Edward, please review your spelling and grammar before you open your mouth in an attempt to belittle someone who clearly is much more elegantly educated than yourself.
      Tiffany, keep up the wonderful and inspirational work, break through all the barriers, stand your ground and don’t back down from any of the battles that come your way! You’re an inspiration to the Hispanic woman typing this message! 😉


  5. This is stunning. Have you ever recorded yourself doing a reading of this poem? I would love to share it with my students, and let them hear it in your voice, if at all possible.

    Thank you for sharing your art.


  6. I, too, have pursued a graduate degree and am from a marginalized culture. My inherent response would have been to meet with my professor during his office hours to discuss his comments privately. I have found it’s never helpful to be defensive when you disagree with someone, but approach the impending discussion as a learning and fact finding experience. You may want to mention to your professor that you were deeply embarrassed and would appreciate it if he would please, in the future, make no public comments about your paper in front of the class. I’ve always been very private about my grades, so I get it.

    His comment that the paper needed more work needs more discussion. Ask him to please be specific and could he/she give you examples of what they’re looking for. As an academic or student you must always be open to discussing. Be a critical thinker, not an emotional one. You’ll find your professors receptive to your ideas and feelings if you talk to them.

    You write well, you’ll have no problems conveying your ideas to your professor.

    Best of luck.


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